The SIUE Faculty Association represents about 400 tenure-track faculty members at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. We were certified in late 2016, and we ratified our first contract August 15, 2019.




THE SIUE FACULTY ASSOCIATION-IEA/NEA seeks to uphold the university’s core missions of outstanding teaching, research and service to the people of this region and state, and respects SIUE’s goal of protecting academic freedom and faculty autonomy.  The Faculty Association will defend SIUE’s core mission and goals, as well as the right to criticize without reprisal and freedom from discrimination of any kind.

Since 2001, the Faculty Association functioned as a chartered, non-bargaining local affiliated with the Illinois Education Association and National Education Association. In the fall of 2016, rights to collectively bargain were certified by the state after a successful majority petition campaign.  We now represent some 400 tenure-line faculty on campus. 

We believe SIUE is a great place to work and seek to maintain what we enjoy in a binding collective bargaining agreement enforceable by state law and, when necessary, through binding neutral third-party arbitration as the final avenue of a grievance procedure appeal. Where there are areas in need of improvement, we shall use collective bargaining to enhance our decision-making on campus, to redress problems of inequity, arbitrary or unilateral action, and to work toward parity with peer institutions.

The Faculty Association strongly supports shared governance and in that spirit, will work for transparency in appropriate areas of budgeting and decision-making per the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act (IELRA).  The Act describes and ensures good faith labor relationships and has held accountable public education employers and employee organizations alike since 1984.

The Faculty Association can and will work with existing governance bodies to promote the economic and general welfare of all SIUE faculty.  We can and will work closely with other constituencies and campus workers, our students, and the broader community to ensure accessible public higher education, and to see that the state provides its constitutionally mandated support for our public universities.

To join, contact SIUE FA Treasurer Marie Klopfenstein, at or call the Edwardsville IEA Office at (618) 656-0010.

FA Officers 2018-19

SIUE-FA Officers: From left, Brian Henderson (English), Secretary; Megan Robb (Art and Design), Vice-President; Marie Klopfenstein (Speech Language Pathology), Treasurer; Mark Poepsel (Mass Comm.), President; Kim Archer (Music), former President.